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Xenia Kourtoglou, Guest Speaker at the Annual DIY Conference

The Annual DIY Conference 2018 was conducted on December 5 at the Maroussi Plaza amphitheater; with full participation of all large organizations of the industry, the Conference hosted both local and international speakers to present the latest improvements and developments in this very special market segment. Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari presented the current “Five Generations of Greece”, consumers to whom all organizations are currently called to cater for, as well as the way each of these generations thinks, gets motivated, communicates and interacts with brands, products and services

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Xenia Kourtoglou, a guest speaker at the 14th e-business & innovation Forum

The 14th e-business and innovation forum was conducted with great success on December 4, at the Athens Concert Hall; attendees were high level executives from all industries of retail and e-commerce. Xenia Kourtoglou of Focus Bari was a guest speaker as every year, and presented the latest trends of Greek consumers and their relationship with technology and e-commerce. Also, the presentation touched upon the very important issue of CX Culture Transformation, a key success parameter of all international megabrands, and revealed topline findings of a recent survey regarding consumers attitudes, intentions and habits to share their opinions and degree of satisfaction with the organizations they interact with.

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Xenia Kourtoglou is a guest speaker at the 2nd Conference of Regional Publishers

The second National Conference of Regional Publishers took place in Nafplion on November 17, 2018. Speakers and presenters discussed with the audience the numerous challenges currently faced by the regional print media both due to the dynamically increasing electronic media, as well as the new tax regulations imposed by the Government. Discussions also extended to the many future alternatives regional press is faced with regarding the future, as well as best European practices to this end.

Xenia Kourtoglou was a guest speaker regarding the future of “paper”-print media and “paper reading” in general, in an era where people are more and more getting accustomed to acquiring content through the digital offerings coming from the three different screens that they are exposed to: television, mobile phone, laptop.Xenia Kourtoglou’s presentation was titled “Paper : is our first love lasting for ever?” and presented Greeks’ current habits and attitudes, what is changing and what remains stable, and which are the best ways that “paper”-print media and “paper reading” in general can remain among Greeks beloved habits.

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Xenia Kourtoglou awarded by EBEA and Attica Periphery as an “Innovative Woman Enterpreneur”

The second Athens Innovation Forum which is organized by EBEA and Attica Periphery took place on November 19 at the Zappeion Monument. A special evening was devoted to Greek women enterpreneurs with innovative businesses. 8 innovative women enterpreneurs were selected by the organization of the forum, among which Xenia Kourtoglou, founder and managing partner of Focus Bari, for the creation and development of e-satisfaction, a pioneering and multi-awarded startup, which comprises the first humanized marketing platform; e-satisfaction supports the continuous enhancement of customer experience in end-to-retail. The award was given by the President of EBEA, Constantinos Michalos and Rena Dourou, head of Attica Periphery.

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Our approach always meets your goals

Choosing some of the most common cases where market research is not only necessary but can be proven valuable, even crucial, we use this section to outline some of our basic strategic approaches to our clients' needs, so you can get a preview of the way we work at Focus Bari: Forming a tight team with you, first we work towards fine tuning your objectives, and then we design the optimum solution using the ideal combination of our knowledge, experience and knowhow, backdata, infra-structure, and variety of exclusive (international and local) research "tools" and methodologies.

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Bari S.M.A.R.T.

At Focus Bari we are proud to boast for our Media Surveys success, a success which stems from our strategy, investment, initiative on the specific research sector since our launch.

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Market Research

Focus on Why: Qualitative research at Focus Bari

Within the contemporary context of booming technology and big data, Focus Bari aims at making the best out of the timeless value of Qualitative research; the most direct, exploratory and analytical kind of research is being constantly challenged to adapt to the new environment.

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Focus on Tech Life

FOCUS BARI has always been monitoring all key developments in the Greek society; to this end, we started measuring the relationship of Greek people with mobile telephony since its launch in 1993; two years later, in 1995 we started measuring the penetration of internet among the Greeks, and that of broadband upon its launch in 2008.

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Experiences Survey

3 Reasons for enrolling in our Syndicated Experiences Survey

Join a study that directly evaluates Greek consumers’ experiences with a variety of industries, surpassing client lists and touchpoints.

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Focused Reports

Markets evolve and people change. As far as your audience is concerned, look beyond what “you think you know” and connect with it “as they really are”
Focused reports give you an analytic feedback on consumption and lifestyle habits as well as technology literacy and Media consumption of the audience of your interest either this regards demographic subgroups or industry related targets

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Focus on Wisdom

The workshops that we design and conduct at Focus Bari aim at creating and defining the most appropriate strategies and action plans for your business, and, through their group dynamics techniques, succeed in absolutely empowering your working teams.

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